Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Announcing LAINE!

You may have noticed some of my designs, the Modern Heirloom & Caviare collections and some of the Signature Tendril pieces, have gone missing from Passementerie's website lately. You can now find these pieces, and some exciting new collections as well, at!

The decision to launch this new collection, and to split my designs between Passementerie and LAINE, was made in response to the growing number of websites and designers selling imitations of Passementerie designs and infringing upon the Passementerie trademark. The cost & time associated with protecting my designs and dealing with the numerous cases of trademark infringement and the theft of designs and text from the Passementerie website and my own personal bio has become overwhelming.

Splitting my designs into two smaller collections will allow me more time to concentrate on designing new pieces, which is wonderful because my love of design is the whole reason I started this business in the first place, and this will also give me the time to start taking custom orders again!

LAINE has its own blog at, you can also find links on that blog to follow LAINE on facebook and twitter!